Virtuozzo GPG Keys

1. Introduction

Packages of all Virtuozzo products are signed with GPG signatures that can be verified with public keys listed below. The keys can be found in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg.

To verify that the keys installed on your system are the same as the keys listed here, make sure their fingerprints match. To display the fingerprint of a key, run gpg --quiet --with-fingerprint /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/<key_file>.

2. Virtuozzo 7, Virtuozzo Automator 7, and Virtuozzo PowerPanel Signing Key

Depending on product, this key is included in different packages with different filenames:

  • In Virtuozzo 7, this key is included in the virtuozzo-release package with the filename RPM-GPG-KEY-Virtuozzo-7.
  • In Virtuozzo Automator 7 Management Node component, this key is included in the va-mn-release package with the filename RPM-GPG-KEY-Virtuozzo-Automator-MN-7.
  • In Virtuozzo Automator 7 Agent component, this key is included in the va-agent-release package with the filename RPM-GPG-KEY-Virtuozzo-Automator-7.
  • In Virtuozzo PowerPanel, this key is included in the pp-release package with the filename RPM-GPG-KEY-Virtuozzo-Power-Panel-2.
pub  1024R/44CDAD2A 2015-12-02 Virtuozzo Team (GPG key signature for packages) <>
      Key fingerprint = C92B BB23 E3C3 1386 6694  D5F5 CA0B 7D19 44CD AD2A
sub  1024R/D334B409 2015-12-02

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3. Virtuozzo Linux 7 Signing Key

This key is included in the vzlinux-release package with the filename VZLINUX_GPG_KEY.

pub  2048R/1812F4D9 2015-10-28 Virtuozzo Linux <>
      Key fingerprint = E1D0 8ACC 8DCE F9A3 3E93  086F 458D 0BA0 1812 F4D9
sub  2048R/55DB800A 2015-10-28

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4. Virtuozzo 6 Signing Key

This key is included in the parallels-server-bm-release package with the filename PARALLELS_GPG_KEY.

pub  1024D/2425C37E 2001-06-28 Parallels <>
      Key fingerprint = 5D32 18EC DFB7 3932 8A09  6316 20E7 DF6D 2425 C37E
sub  2048g/F3E5F88B 2001-06-28

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