3.3. Running Virtuozzo in Virtual Machines


Nested virtualization is an experimental feature and tested only on Linux guests. The operation of nested virtual machines may be unstable.

Installing Virtuozzo in virtual machines may prove useful if you want to evaluate Virtuozzo.

To run virtual machines with Virtuozzo, the physical server’s procesor(s) must support either of these architectures: Intel VT-x (with “unrestricted guest”) and EPT. The following hypervisors are supported: Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, and VMware ESXi. Make sure that nested virtualization support is enabled in your hypervisor.

The following virtual hardware is recommended for virtual machines with Virtuozzo:

  • vCPU: 2 or more
  • RAM: 2 GB or more
  • HDD: 64 GB or more

To install Virtuozzo in a VM, copy the distribution ISO image to a local drive and create a new VM from it according to your virtualization software documentation. Start the VM, boot to the Virtuozzo installer, and follow the instructions in Installing Virtuozzo.

3.3.1. Restrictions and Peculiarities

When using Virtuozzo in a virtualized environment, keep in mind the following restrictions and specifics:

  • Running Virtuozzo in a virtual machine is intended for evaluation purposes only, and not for production.
  • If you change the configuration of a virtual machine where Virtuozzo is installed, you may need to reactivate Virtuozzo.
  • When you start a virtual machine with Virtuozzo, VMware Fusion may warn you that it requires full access to the network traffic. Ignore this message, and proceed with booting the virtual machine.
  • To run in a virtualized Virtuozzo environment, a virtual machine must have Virtuozzo guest tools installed.
  • To enable full support for virtual machines created inside Virtuozzo, make sure to enable nested virtualization support for the Virtuozzo VM in your virtualization software. Otherwise virtual machines created in Virtuozzo will only support 32-bit operating systems and a single CPU.
  • Containers created in Virtuozzo running inside a virtual machine have no limitations and work as usual.