6.1. Managing Licenses

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure comes with a trial license that allows you to evaluate its features. The trial license has no expiration date but limits storage capacity to 1TB.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure supports the following licensing models for production environments:

  • License key. Implementing the provisioning model, keys are time-limited (subscription) or perpetual and grant a certain storage capacity. If a commercial license is already installed, a key augments its expiration date or storage limit.


If a license expires, all write operations to the storage cluster stop until a valid license is installed.

6.1.1. Installing License Keys

To install a license key, do the following:

  1. On the SETTINGS > Licenses screen, click Register key.

  2. Enter the key in the window that pops up and click DONE.

The expiration date or storage capacity will change according to what the key grants.