Creating targets

Typically, targets are created automatically when you create target groups or add nodes to them. However, as you can delete target(s) from a node without removing the node from a target group, you can also create target(s) on such a node again. Use the vstorage-target target-create command. For example:

# vstorage-target target-create -tg 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4 \
-json target.json

This command creates a target based on the target.json configuration file in the target group with the ID 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4. The configuration file lists target details like the node to create the target on, WWN, and portal. For example:

  "NodeId": "bbfd0e7a26b1406d",
  "WWN": "",
  "Portals": [
      "Addr": "",
      "Port": 3260