Deleting nodes from target groups

To delete a node from a target group, use the vstorage-target node-del command. You can only delete a node if it is not on the Active/Optimized path. Otherwise, you need to move the A/O path to another node either by disabling the node (refer to Enabling and disabling nodes in target groups) or manually (refer to Setting the Active/Optimized path for iSCSI volumes).

# vstorage-target node-del -tg 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4 \
-node bbfd0e7a26b1406d

This command deletes the node with the ID bbfd0e7a26b1406d from the target group with the ID 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4.