Enabling the metering service

If you have already installed metering services via the admin panel, skip this section.

You can enable metering services in your compute cluster by doing one of the following:

  • If you have no compute cluster yet, deploy it and enable metering by adding the --enable-metering option to the vinfra service compute create command. For example:

    # vinfra service compute create --nodes <node1_id>[,<node2_id>,…] \
  • If you have already created the compute cluster, use the following command:

    # vinfra service compute set --enable-metering

    The metering service will only take into account compute objects created after it has been enabled.

These commands open port 8041 and enable two Gnocchi services: gnocchi-api, an HTTP server, and gnocchi-metricd, a metric daemon.