Printing details of target groups

To print the details of a specific target group, use the vstorage-target tg-status command. For example:

# vstorage-target tg-status -id faeacacd-eba6-416c-9a7f-b5ba9e372e16

This command prints the complete details of the target group with the ID faeacacd-eba6-416c-9a7f-b5ba9e372e16. One parameter to pay attention to is NodeState. It indicates whether a node is in sync with the target group, that is, aware of its current configuration. The following states can be shown:

  • synced: the node is in sync with the target group.
  • syncing: the node is syncing with the target group.
  • failed: the node failed to sync with the target group (refer to the Error parameter for details).
  • offline: the node is offline.
  • disabled: the node is disabled and its target is offline.