Providing credentials

The vinfra CLI tool requires the following information:

  • IP address or hostname of the management node (set to backend-api.svc.vstoragedomain by default)
  • User name (admin by default)
  • Password (created during installation of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure)
  • Domain name to authenticate with (Default by default)

  • Project ID to authenticate with (admin by default)

This information can be supplied by using the following command-line parameters with each command:

  • --vinfra-portal <portal>
  • --vinfra-username <username>
  • --vinfra-password <password>
  • --vinfra-domain <domain>
  • --vinfra-project <project>

Alternatively, you can supply it by setting the following environment variables (for example, in your ~/.bash_profile): VINFRA_PORTAL, VINFRA_USERNAME, VINFRA_PASSWORD, VINFRA_DOMAIN, and VINFRA_PROJECT. In this case, you will be able to run the CLI tool without the aforementioned command-line parameters.

As you typically run vinfra from the management node as admin, the only variable you usually need to set is the password. For example:

# export VINFRA_PASSWORD=12345

If you installed vinfra on a remote machine and/or run it as a different system administartor, you will need to set VINFRA_PORTAL and/or VINFRA_USERNAME on that machine in addition to VINFRA_PASSWORD.

In addition, if you want to authenticate within a different project or/and domain, you will need to set two more environment variables: VINFRA_PROJECT and/or VINFRA_DOMAIN.