Uninstalling guest tools from Linux virtual machines

To uninstall the guest tools from a Linux guest, log in to the virtual machine, and then do the following:

  1. Remove the packages:

    1. On RPM-based systems (CentOS and other):

      # yum remove dkms-vzvirtio_balloon prl_nettool qemu-guest-agent-vz \
    2. On DEB-based systems (Debian and Ubuntu):

      # apt-get remove vzvirtio-balloon-dkms prl-nettool qemu-guest-agent-vz \

      If any of the packages listed above are not installed on your system, the command will fail. In this case, exclude these packages from the command and run it again.

  2. Remove the files:

    # rm -f /usr/bin/prl_backup /usr/share/qemu-ga/VERSION \
    /usr/bin/install-tools \
    /etc/udev/rules.d/90-guest_iso.rules /usr/local/bin/fstrim-static \
  3. Reload the udev rules:

    # udevadm control --reload

After removing guest tools, restart the virtual machine.