Viewing and setting iSCSI volume parameters

To view and set volume parameters, for example, redundancy mode, failure domain, or tier, use the commands vstorage-target vol-attr get and vstorage-target vol-attr set. For example:

# vstorage-target vol-attr get -id d5cc3c13-cfb4-4890-a20d-fb80e2a56278
  "chunk-size": "268435456",
  "client-ssd-cache": "1",
  "failure-domain": "host",
  "replicas": "3:2",
  "tier": "0"
# vstorage-target vol-attr set -id d5cc3c13-cfb4-4890-a20d-fb80e2a56278 \
-vstorage-attr "replicas=2:1 tier=1"

The first command shows the parameters of the volume with the ID d5cc3c13-cfb4-4890-a20d-fb80e2a56278. The second command sets the redundancy mode to 2 replicas and the tier to 1 for this volume.