Viewing iSCSI volume ALUA information

To view the ALUA information for an iSCSI volume, use the vstorage-target vol-info command. For example:

# vstorage-target vol-info -id 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4
Volume ID:      3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4
Name:           vol1
Size:           1073741824
Used:           1073152
Serial:         d2be0e84fd7f
Attrs:          map[]
TG:             4708b908-8c2d-444c-91b1-a1e18a96d4fc
LUN:            0

                                  *** Node #0 ***
    NodeId:                     bbfd0e7a26b1406d
     State:                               synced
      TPGs:                       vstorage_tpg_0
      ALUA:                               active
 Preferred:                                    1
      WWNs: [2]

This command shows the ALUA details for the volume with the ID 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4.