vinfra domain user list

List all users in a domain:

usage: vinfra domain user list [--long] --domain <domain>
                               [--limit <num>] [--marker <user>]
                               [--name <name>] [--id <id>]
                               [--tags <tag>[,<tag>,…]]
Enable access and listing of all fields of objects.
--domain <domain>
Domain name or ID
--limit <num>
The maximum number of users to list. To list all users, set the option to -1.
--marker <user>
List users after the marker.
--name <name>
List users with the specified name or use a filter. Supported filter operator: contains. The filter format is <operator>:<value1>[,<value2>,…].
--id <id>
Show a user with the specified ID or list users using a filter. Supported filter operator: in. The filter format is <operator>:<value1>[,<value2>,…].
--tags <tag>[,<tag>,…]
List projects with the specified tags (comma-separated) or use a filter. Supported filter operators: any, not_any. The filter format is <operator>:<value1>[,<value2>,…].


# vinfra domain user list --domain mydomain -c id -c name -c enabled \
-c domain_permissions -c assigned_projects
| id        | name   | enabled |domain_permissions | assigned_projects |
| a9c6<...> | myuser | True    |- domain_admin     | []                |

This command lists users in the domain mydomain.