vinfra service compute floatingip create

Create a floating IP address:

usage: vinfra service compute floatingip create [--floating-ip <floating-ip>]
                                                [--port-id <port-id>]
                                                [--fixed-ip <fixed-ip>]
                                                [--description <description>]
                                                --network <network>
--floating-ip <floating-ip>
Floating IP address
--port-id <port-id>
ID of the port to be associated with the floating IP address. To learn the port ID of the selected virtual machine, use the command vinfra service compute server iface list.
--fixed-ip <fixed-ip>
Port IP address (required only if the port has multiple IP addresses)
--description <description>
Description of the floating IP address
--network <network>
ID or name of the network from which to allocate the floating IP


# vinfra service compute floatingip create 720e45bc-4225-49de-9346-26513d8d1262 \
--port-id 418c8c9e-aaa5-42f2-8da7-24bfead6f28b --fixed-ip-address
| Field               | Value                                |
| attached_to         | a172cb6a-1c7b-4157-9e86-035f3077646f |
| description         |                                      |
| fixed_ip_address    |                        |
| floating_ip_address |                         |
| floating_network_id | 720e45bc-4225-49de-9346-26513d8d1262 |
| id                  | a709f884-c43f-4a9a-a243-a340d7682ef8 |
| port_id             | 418c8c9e-aaa5-42f2-8da7-24bfead6f28b |
| project_id          | 894696133031439f8aaa7e4868dcbd4d     |
| router_id           | f7f86029-a553-4d61-b7ec-6f581d9c5f5f |
| status              | DOWN                                 |

This command creates a floating IP address from the physical network with the ID 720e45bc-4225-49de-9346-26513d8d1262 and assigns it to a virtual machine on port with the ID 418c8c9e-aaa5-42f2-8da7-24bfead6f28b and the virtual IP address