Provisioning backup storage space

Storage space for backups from the Acronis Cyber suite is provisioned via a Backup Gateway, which connects Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud or Acronis Cyber Protect to a destination storage. The destination storage can be one of the following:

  • The local Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure cluster
  • An external Network File System (NFS) share
  • A public cloud


  • To be able to register Backup Gateway in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, two-factor authentication (2FA) should be disabled for your partner account. You can also disable it for a specific user within a 2FA-enabled tenant, as described in Acronis Cyber Cloud documentation, and specify the user credentials.


Provisioning overview

  1. Create backup storage on this cluster, an NFS share, or in a public cloud.
  2. Configure Acronis Cyber Cloud to use the new backup location.