Connecting to virtual machines


  • Virtual machines are created, as described in Creating virtual machines.
  • To be able to connect via SSH, the virtual machine must have cloud-init and OpenSSH installed.

To connect to a virtual machine via the VNC console

Select a VM, and then click Console on its right pane. The console will open in a separate browser window. In the console, you can send a key combination to a VM, take a screenshot of the console window, and download the console log (refer to Troubleshooting virtual machines).

To connect to a virtual machine via SSH

Specify the username and VM IP address in the SSH terminal:

# ssh <username>@<VM_IP_address>

Linux cloud images have the default login, depending on the operating system, for example, centos or ubuntu. To connect to a Windows VM, enter the username that you specified during Cloudbase-Init installation.

If you have deployed a VM without specifying an SSH key, you also need to enter a password to log in to the VM.