Compute cluster network requirements

General requirements and recommendations are listed in Network requirements and Network recommendations.

You can create a minimum network configuration for evaluation purposes, or expand it to an advanced network configuration, which is recommended for production.

Minimum network configuration for the compute cluster

The minimum configuration includes two networks, for internal and external traffic:

Recommended network configuration for the compute cluster

The recommended configuration expands to five networks connected to the following logical network interfaces:

  • One bonded connection for internal management and storage traffic

  • One bonded connection with four VLANs over it:

    • For overlay network traffic between VMs
    • For management via the admin and self-service panels, compute API, SSH, and SNMP, as well as for public export of iSCSI, NFS, S3, and Backup Gateway data
    • For external VM traffic
    • For pulling VM backups by third-party backup management systems