Creating the NFS cluster


  • The storage cluster has at least one disk with the Storage role.

To create the NFS cluster

Admin panel

  1. In the left menu, click Storage services > NFS.
  2. Select one or more nodes, and then click Create NFS cluster on the right pane.

  3. The nodes are displayed with small icons representing their roles within a cluster.

  4. Ensure the correct network interface is selected in the drop-down list.

    If necessary, click the cogwheel icon and configure the node’s network interfaces on the Network configuration screen.

  5. Click Create.

After the NFS cluster is created, you can proceed to creating NFS shares.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra service nfs cluster create --nodes <node>[:<ip_address>]
--nodes <node>[:<ip_address>]
A comma-separated list of node hostnames or IDs, and optionally their IP addresses

For example, to create the NFS cluster from node node001, run:

# vinfra service nfs cluster create --nodes node001