Default outbound firewall rules

All networks in the cluster have the default outbound allow rules, which are specified in the format: <address>:<protocol>:<port>:<description>. These rules are the following: panel
Used by the cluster API
Connection to the update repository and the S3 backend when configured to serve HTTP requests
Communication with Acronis Cyber Cloud and the S3 services
DNS name resolution
DNS name resolution
Time syncronization registration
Data control for the Acronis Cyber Protect agents and Management server Geo-replication
Backup data replication between clusters Cyber Protect
Registration with Acronis Cyber Protect Management server in on-premise installations VNC Legacy
Legacy ports for VNC console access to virtual machines
Network traffic between virtual machines in private virtual networks VNC
VNC console access to virtual machines in the compute cluster license
Connection to the Key Authentication (KA) licensing server report
Sending reports to the KA server all
Allows all outbound traffic