Managing Acronis Notary in S3 buckets

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure offers integration with the Acronis Notary service to leverage blockchain notarization and ensure the immutability of data saved in object storage clusters. To use Acronis Notary in user buckets, you need to set it up in the S3 cluster and enable it for said buckets.


  • For new buckets, notarization is disabled by default.
  • Once you enable notarization for a bucket, certificates are created automatically only for the newly uploaded files. The previously uploaded files are left unnotarized. Once a file is notarized, it will remain notarized even if you disable notarization later.


To set up Acronis Notary

Admin panel

  1. Get the DNS name and the user key for the notary service from your sales contact.
  2. On the Storage services > S3 screen, click Notary settings.
  3. On the Notary Settings screen, specify the DNS name and user key in the respective fields, and then click Done.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra service s3 cluster change [--np-uri <np-uri>] [--np-user-key <np-user-key>]
--np-uri <np-uri>
Notary provider address (only used with --np-user-key option)
--np-user-key <np-user-key>
Notary user key (only used with --np-uri option)

For example, to configure Acronis Notary for the S3 cluster, run:

# vinfra service s3 cluster change --np-uri --np-user-key MIIJQwIBA<…>

To enable or disable blockchain notarization for a bucket

  1. Go to Storage services > S3 > Buckets and select a bucket.
  2. Click Enable Notary or Disable Notary.