Preparing boot volumes

The instruction for preparing a boot volume differs depending on the source type.

To make a boot volume from an existing virtual machine

Admin panel

  1. Shut down the VM which boot volume you want to use.
  2. On the VM right panel, go to the Properties section, and then click the disk marked as Bootable.
  3. On the volume right pane, click Clone.
  4. In the Clone volume window, specify a volume name, size, and storage policy. Click Clone.

To make a boot volume from a template

Admin panel

  1. Go to the Compute > Storage > Images tab, and then click the required image.
  2. On the image panel, click Create volume.
  3. In the Create volume window, specify the volume name, size, and select a storage policy.

  4. Click Create.

The new volume will appear on the Compute > Storage > Volumes tab.