Reserved RAM chart

This chart displays RAM reservations in the compute cluster. A RAM reservation is a guarantee on RAM for a service or virtual machine. The following statistics are available:

The total amount of RAM on all nodes in the compute cluster. It is a product of the total amount of physical RAM on all compute nodes and the overcommitment ratio.

The amount of RAM reserved for the system and storage services on all nodes in the compute cluster. To learn more about RAM reservations for different services, refer to Server requirements.

You can view RAM reservation details for all of the cluster nodes in the vinfra node ram-reservation list output.

The amount of RAM provisioned for all virtual machines in the compute cluster.
The amount of free RAM on all nodes in the compute cluster.
The amount of RAM on all fenced nodes in the compute cluster.
Overcommitment ratio

The ratio of the amount of maximum reserved RAM to physical.

The parameter is set in /etc/kolla/nova-compute/nova.conf. You can change it by using the command vinfra service compute set --nova-compute-ram-allocation-ratio <value> (refer to Configuring memory for virtual machines).

A similar chart is available for each individual node in the compute cluster.