Creating and mounting NFS exports

  1. On the Storage services > NFS > Shares screen, click the number in the Exports column in the row of the desired share. This will open the share screen.
  2. On the share screen, click Add export, specify root as the export name and / as the path, and select the Read and write access mode. This will create a directory with a default path that designates the export location inside the share and is used (alongside share’s IP address) to mount the export. The root export will be shown in the export list.
  3. After creating the root export, you can mount it on Linux or macOS, as described in the Storage User Guide. For our evaluation scenario, mount it on Linux with the following commands:

    # mkdir /mnt/nfs
    # mount -t nfs -o vers=4.0 <share_IP>:/<share_name>/ /mnt/nfs


    • -o vers=4.0 is the NFS version to use.

    • <share_IP> is the share IP address. You can also use the share hostname.
    • /<share_name>/ is the root export path, like share1.
    • /mnt/nfs is an existing local directory to mount the export to.

    To check the mounted storage, you can run df -h.