Creating an Appliance with the Acronis Agent for VMware

To create an appliance with the Acronis Agent for VMware from an OVF template, do the following:

  1. In Acronis Cyber Cloud, click All devices > Add > VMware ESXi > Virtual Appliance (OVF).

    The archived template will be downloaded to your machine.

  2. Unpack the archive. It will contain an OVF file and two VMDK files.
  3. Make sure that these files can be accessed from the machine running the vSphere Client.
  4. Start the vSphere Client and log on to the vCenter Server.
  5. In the vSphere Client, click Deploy OVF Template in the Actions menu.

    The corresponding wizard will open.

  6. On wizard step #1, select all three files of the template.

  7. On wizard step #2, type in a name and choose a location for the appliance.

  8. On wizard step #3, choose a destination compute resource.

  9. On wizard step #4, review the template details.

  10. On wizard step #5, select storage for the appliance. If possible, select a shared datastore. The disk format, thick or thin, does not matter as it does not affect the appliance performance.

  11. On wizard step #6, select networks for the appliance. The agent will require an Internet connection to register in the cloud.

  12. On wizard step #7, click Finish to create the appliance.