Adding external DNS servers

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure features a built-in DNS server that enables discovery of all of its internal services. For resolving external domain names, you can add DNS servers that already exist in your network infrastructure.


  • Specify a DNS server that belongs to a public network to be able to reach external locations like the updates repository, as well as any public networks.

To add external DNS servers

Admin panel

  1. Go to Settings > System settings > Cluster DNS.
  2. Click Add and select the IP address type:

    • Select Static, and then specify a static DNS IP address.
    • Select DHCP, and then select a DHCP-provided DNS IP address from the list.

    Click Add multiple times to specify multiple external DNS servers.

  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra cluster settings dns set --nameservers <nameservers>
--nameservers <nameservers>
A comma-separated list of DNS servers

For example, to set the external DNS server to, run:

# vinfra cluster settings dns set --nameservers
| Field            | Value         |
| dhcp_nameservers | -  |
|                  | -  |
|                  | - |
| nameservers      | -     |

The added DNS server will appear in the vinfra cluster settings dns show output:

# vinfra cluster settings dns show
| Field            | Value                             |
| dhcp_nameservers |,, |
| nameservers      |,             |