Deployment and configuration

The Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure workflow includes the infrastructure setup and service provisioning. After the infrastructure setup, you will have a storage cluster with configured network and the highly available management node. On top of the storage cluster, you can deploy and configure different services for provisioning to end users. You can provision backup, block, object, and file storage space, as well as compute resources. All these tasks can be performed either in the admin panel or via the vinfra command-line tool.


  • Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is installed on each server, as described in Installation.

Infrastructure setup overview

  1. If you plan to use the command-line interface, provide your credentials to the vinfra tool.
  2. Set up your networks, depending on the service you wish to provision.
  3. Configure your node network interfaces.
  4. Configure an external DNS server.
  5. Enable RDMA, if supported.
  6. If your infrastructure nodes are equipped with NVMe or SSD disks, enable NVMe performance.
  7. Create and configure new locations, if required, and move nodes to them.
  8. Deploy the storage cluster.
  9. If you have three and more cluster nodes, enable high availability of the management node.

After the infrastructure is set up, you can proceed to provision backup, block, object, file storage space, or compute resources.