Getting technical support

If you need technical support, you can send a problem report to and contact the technical support team. When generated, a problem report is assigned an ID. Make sure to mention this ID in the support ticket.

In the case of connection problems with the report server or if the report is too large to send via email, you can find the report in the /var/cache/problem-reports/ directory on the management node.

To generate and send a problem report

Admin panel

  1. On any screen, click the user icon in the top right corner, and then select Report a problem.

  2. Enter your contact email and describe the problem, and then click Generate and send. The report status will be shown in the bottom right corner.

You can hide the pop-up window without interrupting the report generation. The report ID will be available in the notification center.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra cluster problem-report [--email <email>] [--description <description>] [--send]
--email <email>
Contact email address
--description <description>
Problem description
Generate the problem report archive and send it to the technical support team

For example, to send a problem report with the description “Test report” to the technical support team and use as a reply-to address, run:

# vinfra cluster problem-report --email --description "Test report" --send
| Field   | Value                                |
| task_id | 8bcfb92f-f02b-4de8-8e44-3426047630e3 |
# vinfra task show 8bcfb92f-f02b-4de8-8e44-3426047630e3
| Field   | Value                                                       |
| details |                                                             |
| name    | backend.presentation.reports.tasks.ReportProblemTask        |
| result  | id: '1001923113'                                            |
|         | path: /var/cache/problem-reports/report-<...>.391329.tar.gz |
| state   | success                                                     |
| task_id | 8bcfb92f-f02b-4de8-8e44-3426047630e3                        |

Note the problem report ID in the task details. You will need to mention it in the support ticket.

To contact the technical support team

Visit the support page at