Monitoring the cluster with Zabbix


To configure cluster monitoring in Zabbix

  1. On the Settings > Advanced settings > SNMP tab, click the provided link to download a template for Zabbix.

    The template is compatible with Zabbix 3.x.

  2. In Zabbix, click Configuration > Templates > Import, and then click Browse.

  3. Navigate to the template, select it, and then click Import.

  4. Click Configuration > Hosts > Create host.

  5. On the Host tab, do the following:

    1. Specify the Host name of the management node and its Visible name in Zabbix.
    2. Specify vstorage in the New group field.
    3. Remove the Agent Interfaces section.
    4. Add the SNMP interfaces section and specify the management node IP address.
  6. On the Templates tab, click Select next to the Link new templates field.

  7. In the Zabbix Server: Templates window, select the Template VStorageSNMP template, and then click Select.

  8. Back on the Templates tab, click the Add link in the Link new templates section. The VStorageSNMP template will appear in the Linked templates group.

  9. Having configured the host and added its template, click the Add button.

In a few minutes, the cluster’s SNMP label in the Availability column on the Configuration > Hosts screen will turn green.

To monitor the cluster parameters in Zabbix

Open the Monitoring > Latest data screen, set the filter’s Host groups to vstorage, and then click Apply.

You can create performance charts on the Configuration > Hosts > <cluster> > Graphs tab and a workplace for them on the Monitoring > Screens tab.