Monitoring virtual machines

To monitor a virtual machine

Admin panel

Select a virtual machine and open the Monitoring tab. The following performance charts are available for virtual machines:

CPU and RAM usage by the VM.
Incoming and outgoing network traffic.
Storage read/write
Amount of data read and written by the VM.
Read/write latency
Read and write latency. Hovering the mouse cursor over a point on the chart, you can also see the average and maximum latency for that moment, as well as the 95 and 99 percentiles.

Averaged values are calculated every five minutes.

The default time interval for the charts is twelve hours. To zoom into a particular time interval, select the internal with the mouse; to reset zoom, double-click any chart.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra service compute server stat <server>
Virtual machine ID or name

For example, to view the statistics for the virtual machine myvm, run:

# vinfra service compute server stat myvm
| Field    | Value                            |
| datetime | 2019-05-29T11:39:46.429000+00:00 |
| metrics  | block_capacity: 1073741824       |
|          | block_usage: 268435456           |
|          | cpu_usage: 1                     |
|          | mem_usage: 149876736             |