Releasing node disks

During a disk release, its data is safely migrated to other disks, which takes time. To avoid data loss, wait until data migration is complete.


  • A graceful release of a storage disk is possible only if the remaining disks in the storage cluster can comply with the configured redundancy scheme. You can, however, release a disk forcibly without data migration, but it will make the cluster degraded and trigger the cluster self-healing.


  • Before replacing a disk with the Metadata, Cache, or Metadata+Cache role, ensure that the same role is assigned to a new disk, and then release the old disk.
  • If you want all disks with the Storage role to be assigned automatically after replacement, automatic configuration of new disks must be enabled, as described in Configuring new storage disks automatically.

To release a disk from the storage cluster

Admin panel

  1. On the Infrastructure > Nodes screen, click the name of the node.
  2. On the Disks tab, click the disk to replace.
  3. On the disk right pane, click Release.
  4. (Optional, highly not recommended) If you do not want to wait for data migration to finish, select Release without data migration.

    There is a risk of data loss. Use this option only if your data is redundant.

  5. Click Release.

When the data migration from the disk completes, the disk will be displayed without a role on the Disks tab and can be replaced with a new one.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra node disk release [--force] [--node <node>] <disk>
Release without data migration
--node <node>
Node ID or hostname (default: node001.vstoragedomain)
Disk ID or device name

For example, to release the role cs from the disk sdc on the node node003, run:

# vinfra node disk release sdc --node node003