Supported Amazon S3 REST operations

The following Amazon S3 REST operations are currently supported by the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure implementation of the Amazon S3 protocol:

Supported service operations: GET Service.

Supported bucket operations:

  • GET Bucket (List Objects)
  • GET/PUT Bucket acl
  • GET Bucket location (returns US East)
  • GET Bucket Object versions
  • GET/PUT Bucket versioning
  • GET/PUT Bucket logging (except for the TargetGrants request element)
  • List Multipart Uploads

Supported object operations:

  • Delete Multiple Objects
  • PUT Object - Copy
  • GET/PUT Object acl
  • Delete Multiple Objects
  • Abort Multipart Upload
  • Complete Multipart Upload
  • Initiate Multipart Upload
  • List Parts
  • Upload Part
  • Upload Part Copy

For more information about Amazon S3 REST error response headers, refer to Amazon S3 REST API documentation.