Troubleshooting installation

This chapter describes ways to troubleshoot installation of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.

Installing in basic graphics mode

If the installer cannot load the correct driver for your graphics card, you can try to install Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure in the basic graphics mode. In this mode, however, you may experience issues with the user interface. For example, some of its elements may not fit the screen.

The installation process itself is the same as in the default graphics mode.

To select basic graphics mode

On the welcome screen, select Troubleshooting–>, then Install in basic graphics mode.

Booting into recovery mode

If a node fails to boot, you can recover the system disk and the node configuration by reinstalling the product from an ISO image in the recovery mode.

During the recovery process, the configuration of deployed services and infrastructure is automatically detected and recovered from storage disks.

To enter the recovery mode

On the welcome screen, select Troubleshooting–>, then Recover - Node recovery.

Booting into rescue mode

If you experience problems with your system, you can boot into the rescue mode to troubleshoot these problems. Once you are in the rescue mode, your Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure installation is mounted under /mnt/sysimage. You can go to this directory and make the necessary changes to your system.

To enter the rescue mode

  1. Boot your system from the distribution image.
  2. On the welcome screen, click Troubleshooting–>, then Rescue system.
  3. Once Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure boots into the emergency mode, press Ctrl+D to load the rescue environment.
  4. In the rescue environment, you can select one of the following options:
    • Continue (press 1): mount the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure installation in read and write mode under /mnt/sysimage.
    • Read-only mount (press 2): mount the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure installation in read-only mode under /mnt/sysimage.
    • Skip to shell (press 3): load shell, if your file system cannot be mounted, for example, when it is corrupted.
    • Quit (Reboot) (press 4): reboot the server.
  5. Unless you press 4, a shell prompt will appear. In it, run chroot /mnt/sysimage to make the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure installation the root environment. Now you can run commands and try to fix the problems you are experiencing.
  6. After you fix the problem, run exit to exit the chrooted environment, and then run reboot to restart the system.