Creating target groups

To create a target group, open Storage services > Block storage > Target groups and click Create target group. A wizard will open. Do the following:

  1. For Name and type, enter a target group name and select iSCSI. Next, select at least two nodes to add to the target group for high availability.
  2. For Targets, select iSCSI interfaces to add to the target group. For Volumes, select volumes to attach to target group LUNs, or you can add them later. For the evaluation scenario, skip the Access control settings.
  3. For Summary, review the target group details. Click Create.

The newly created target group will appear on the Target groups tab. Its targets will start automatically. Click the group name to view its details. On the Target tab, you can add more nodes for new targets. You can also view or add LUNs on the LUNS tab.