Exporting storage space

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure allows you to export storage space:

  • As block storage via iSCSI for virtualization, databases, and other needs. You can export cluster disk space to external physical or virtual hosts, in the form of LUN block devices over iSCSI and in a SAN-like manner.
  • As object storage for storing an unlimited number of files via an S3-compatible protocol. The S3-like object storage can store data like media files, backups, and Open Xchange files, with the access provided via Dropbox-like applications. End users can run the applications for S3 after the data migration from Amazon S3 to Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure. They can also build their own object storage services which are compatible with Amazon S3.
  • Via NFS. You can organize nodes into a highly available NFS cluster where you can create NFS shares. In each share, you can create multiple NFS exports that are actual exported directories for user data. Each export can be mounted by using standard commands. On the technical side, NFS volumes are based on object storage. An NFS cluster makes a perfect cold and warm file storage, but is not recommended for hot workloads with high performance requirements. For the best integration with VMware vSphere, it’s recommended to use iSCSI protocol.