Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure represents a new generation of hyperconverged infrastructures targeted at both service providers and end customers. It is a scale-out, cost-efficient, and multi-purpose solution that combines universal storage and high-performance virtualization.

This guide gets you started on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure and outlines the following steps to evaluate its main features:

  1. Install and configure Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.
  2. Create a storage cluster.
  3. Create a compute cluster and allocate its resources.
  4. Create virtual machines.
  5. Export storage space via iSCSI, S3, NFS, Backup Gateway.
  6. Explore built-in monitoring tools.
  7. Enable and test high availability.

There are many different scenarios possible, but in this guide we’ll walk you through the most common ones. The procedures outlined in this guide are typical and simplified for evaluation purposes. However, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is supported by a complete and detailed documentation suite, which you should refer to for further guidance. For more information, refer to the Quick Start Guide, Installation Guide, Administrator Guide, Self-Service Guide, and Storage User Guide.