Managing S3 users and buckets

To add an S3 user, do the following:

  1. On the Storage services > S3 > Users screen, click Add user.
  2. Specify an email address as the user login, and then click Add.

To log in to the S3 portal automatically with user credentials using the generated keys, go to the admin panel, select a user, and then click Browse. In this workspace, you can create new buckets and monitor the contents of existing ones.

You can also log in to S3 storage by using a third-party application, like CyberDuck, MountainDuck, or Backup Exec. For our evaluation scenario, connect to your S3 storage via CyberDuck by following these steps:

  1. In CyberDuck, click Open Connection.
  2. Obtain your credentials from the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure admin panel:

    • Get the DNS name of the S3 endpoint on the Storage services > S3 > Overview tab.
    • Get the Access Key ID and the Password, on the Storage services > S3 > Users tab. Select the required user and click Keys on the right. This will display the access key ID and the secure access key.
  3. Specify your credentials in CyberDuck:

  4. Once the connection is established, you can see the existing buckets and create new ones. Click File > New Folder to create a bucket. Specify a name for the new bucket, and then click Create. Use bucket names that comply with DNS naming conventions.

To manage files in buckets, you have to log in to the S3 portal as a user. For more information, refer to "Accessing S3 buckets" in the Storage User Guide.