Managing the compute cluster

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure offers high-performance virtualization, and its fundamental component is a compute cluster. It allows admins to create multiple tenants, virtual machines, and software-defined networks, as well as easily deploy container orchestration solutions like Kubernetes.

In this section, we will have a look at two common scenarios for the compute cluster:

  • A service provider (SP) offers virtualization services to end customers. In this case, the SP can benefit from self-service panels with white-labeling, multitenancy, and easy resource management and allocation.
  • An enterprise plans to adopt new software across its infrastructure. It can deploy virtual machines and install the software in them, for all employees to access and work with.

Although those two scenarios differ from each other significantly, the procedure within Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is similar:

  1. Create the compute cluster.
  2. Allocate resources to domains, projects (tenants), and users.
  3. Create virtual machines for the end users.

In this chapter, we will take a look at each of these steps.