Testing high availability

This section simulates an event in which the management node has failed:

  1. Forcibly power off your Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure management node.

    High availability (HA) keeps services operational if the node they are located on fails due to kernel crash, power outage, or becomes unreachable over the network. Graceful shutdown is not considered a failure event. To test HA, you should forcibly power off the node or disconnect the network cable from it.

  2. Open the Infrastructure > Nodes screen. The failed node has the Unhealthy status and is highlighted in red.

  3. Even though one node has failed and is now unavailable, you can still access the following services:

    • Admin panel.
    • Virtual machines.
    • iSCSI: in the VMware vSphere, you can still access the volumes exported via iSCSI.
    • S3: you can still access your buckets via CyberDuck.
    • NFS: in the mounted root export, you can still access the data you uploaded.
    • Backup Gateway: in the Backup Management Console, you can still navigate to the backup you created earlier (it is accessible if you have properly configured the DNS name).

You have just run a demonstration where a node was forcibly powered off, causing the services and the data to be evacuated to healthy nodes and remain available without downtime.