Managing virtual machine power state


To manage the power state of a virtual machine

Click the virtual machine or the ellipsis button next to it to see the full list of actions available for the current state.

  • To power up a VM, click Run.
  • To gracefully shut down a running VM, click Shut down. The default shutdown timeout, after which a virtual machine will be powered off, is 10 minutes.
  • To forcibly cut off power from a VM, click Power off.
  • To softly reboot a running VM, click Reboot.
  • To reboot a VM without the guest OS graceful shutdown, click Hard reboot.
  • To save the current VM state to a file, click Suspend. This may prove useful, for example, if you need to restart the host but do not want to quit the applications currently running in the VM or restart its guest OS.
  • To restore a VM from the suspended state, click Resume.