Managing virtual machines in placements

A virtual machine is assigned a placement when it is created from an image or flavor with the placement assigned. A VM can also inherit a placement from a volume created with an assigned image. However, a VM does not inherit the placement and changes to it from the node. For example, if you assign a placement to a node with existing VMs, only the node will have the placement. The VMs will not inherit the same placement. Likewise, if you have a node and VMs on it assigned to the same placement, and you delete such a node from a placement, only the node will change the placement. The VMs on it will still keep the original placement.


  • Virtual machines are created, as described in Creating virtual machines.
  • Placements for compute nodes are created, as described in Creating placements.
  • The node and VMs hosted on it have the same placement configuration.

To edit the VM placement

Use the following command:

vinfra service compute server set [--no-placements |--placement placement] <server>
Clean up placements from the virtual machine.
--placement placement
Placement name or ID to add the virtual machine to. Specify this option multiple times to add the virtual machine to multiple placements.
Virtual machine ID or name

For example, to remove all placement assignments from the virtual machine myvm, run:

# vinfra service compute server set myvm --no-placements