Network requirements

The general network requirements are the following:

  • All network interfaces on a node must be assigned IP addresses that belong to different subnets. A network interface can be a VLAN-tagged logical interface, an untagged bond, or an Ethernet link.
  • The network for internal traffic can be non-routable, with minimum 10 Gbit/s bandwidth.
  • Nodes are added to clusters by their IP addresses, not FQDNs. Changing the IP address of a node in the cluster will remove that node from the cluster. If you plan to use DHCP in a cluster, make sure that IP addresses are bound to the MAC addresses of the nodes’ network interfaces.
  • Each node must have Internet access so that updates can be installed.
  • Network time synchronization is required for correct statistics. It is enabled by default via the chronyd service. If you want to use ntpdate or ntpd, stop and disable chronyd first.