Provisioning load balancers

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure offers load balancing as a service for the compute infrastructure. Load balancing ensures fault tolerance and improves performance of web applications by distributing incoming network traffic across virtual machines from a balancing pool. A load balancer receives and then routes incoming requests to a suitable VM based on a configured balancing algorithm and VM health.

Load balancers are created and managed by self-service users, as described in "Managing load balancers" in the Self-Service Guide. However, to provide self-service users with this functionality, you need to install the load balancer service in the admin panel.


  • In the current version of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, the installed service cannot be removed.

  • For self-service users to be able to create highly available load balancers, the compute cluster must have at least two nodes.
  • If you install the service after creating a project, load balancers are not automatically enabled in the project quotas.
  • The maximum number of load balancers supported per project is 100.


To install the load balancer service

Admin panel

  1. Go to the Settings > Add-on services screen.
  2. In the Load balancer service section, click Install.

Command-line interface

Run the following command:

# vinfra service compute set --enable-lbaas