Setting up networks for backup storage


For the Backup Gateway, the recommended network configuration includes two networks, for internal and external traffic. You can leave the default Public and Private networks as they are. In this case, traffic types should be assigned to these networks, according to the following table:

Recommended network setup for Backup Gateway
Network Traffic types
Private Storage, Internal management, OSTOR private, Backup (ABGW) private
Public Admin panel, SSH, S3 public, iSCSI, NFS, Backup (ABGW) public

To create the network configuration for backup storage

Admin panel

  1. Review your network configuration on the Infrastructure > Networks screen.
  2. If you plan to use RDMA over InfiniBand, move the traffic type Storage to a dedicated network and assign that network to the IB interface.
  3. Configure network interfaces on the nodes that you plan to join the backup storage.

Command-line interface

Review your network configuration by using the following command:

# vinfra cluster network list -c id -c name -c traffic_types
| id                                   | name    | traffic_types                                                   |
| f50605a3-64f4-4f0c-b50e-9481ec221c72 | Private | Backup (ABGW) private,Internal management,OSTOR private,Storage |
| 955041d4-b059-47a1-ba4c-0be117e8cbd2 | Public  | Backup (ABGW) public,iSCSI,NFS,S3 public,Admin panel,SSH        |