Welcome to Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, previously known as Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform, is a hyperconverged solution providing storage, compute, and network resources for businesses and service providers to:

  • Deliver file storage for any corporate data, S3 object storage for applications and cloud services, and block storage for running virtual machines or databases with iSCSI targets
  • Build and manage private or public clouds with the Disaster Recovery solution
  • Store backups from Acronis Cyber Protect solutions on premises, in public clouds, or on NAS by using the Backup Gateway
  • Create and manage virtual machines and software-defined networks
  • Run cloud-native applications in production environments, including Kubernetes as a Service, Load Balancer as a Service, Backup and Restore as a Service, and Persistent Storage for Kubernetes
  • Ensure high availability for business-critical applications

The scheme below shows the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure components and the order, in which you deploy them. You start with deploying the infrastructure, then configure networks and storage, and finally, provision services to end users. Hover over any component to see the list of related links.