Showing user details

GET /v3/users/{user_id}

Show details of a user with the specified ID.




Name In Type Description
user_id path string The user ID.


# curl -ks -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'X-Auth-Token: gAAAAA<...>' \



Name In Type Description
user body object A user object.
default_project_id (Optional) body string

The ID of the default project for the user.

domain_id body string The ID of the domain.
enabled body boolean If the user is enabled, this value is true. If the user is disabled, this value is false.
id body string The user ID.
links body object The links for the user resource.
name body string The user name. Must be unique within the owning domain.
password_expires_at body string

The date and time when the password expires. The time zone is UTC.

This is a response object attribute; not valid for requests. A null value indicates that the password never expires.

New in version 3.7

Status codes


Code Reason
200 - OK Request was successful.


Code Reason
400 - Bad Request

Some content in the request was invalid.

401 - Unauthorized

User must authenticate before making a request.

403 - Forbidden

Policy does not allow current user to do this operation.

404 - Not Found

The requested resource could not be found.


  "user": {
    "name": "user1_renamed",
    "links": {
      "self": "https://<node_IP_addr>:5000/v3/users/2973892bee384ca6b8c9886f0c4a8815"
    "domain_id": "f2eeaaf15c254d4fa10255796122c8ec",
    "enabled": true,
    "email": "",
    "options": {},
    "id": "2973892bee384ca6b8c9886f0c4a8815",
    "password_expires_at": null