Installing guest tools

  1. Create a compute volume from the vz-guest-tools-win or vz-guest-tools-lin image, depending on the VM operating system:

    If you do not have these images in your project, obtain them from the official repository and upload them to your project, as described in Uploading images.
    1. On the Images screen, click the vz-guest-tools-win or vz-guest-tools-lin image.
    2. On the image right pane, click Create volume.
    3. In the Create volume from image window, specify a name for the volume, and then click Create.
  2. Attach the volume with the guest tools to the virtual machine:

    1. On the Virtual machines screen, click the required VM.
    2. On the VM right pane, click the pencil icon in the Volumes field.
    3. In the Volumes window, click Attach.
    4. In the Attach volume window, select the created volume with the guest tools, and then click Attach. The attached volume will be marked as ISO.
    5. In the Volumes window, click Done, to save your changes.
  3. Log in to the virtual machine.
  4. Inside the VM, do the following:

    • Inside a Windows VM, go to the mounted optical drive in Explorer and install the guest tools by running setup.exe. After the installation is complete, restart the VM.
    • Inside a Linux VM, create a mount point for the optical drive with the guest tools image and run the installer:

      # mkdir /mnt/cdrom
      # mount <path_to_guest_tools_iso> /mnt/cdrom
      # bash /mnt/cdrom/install