Generating S3 user access key pairs via CLI

You can generate a new access key pair for the specified user with the ostor-s3-admin gen-access-key command. The maximum of 2 active access key pairs are allowed per user (same as with the Amazon Web Services). You need to specify either the user email (-e) or S3 ID (-i). For example:

# ostor-s3-admin gen-access-key -e -V 0100000000000002
Generate access key: user id=d866d9d114cc3d20, access key id=d866d9d114cc3d20D8EW,
secret access key=83tTsNAuuRyoBBqhxMFqHAC60dhKHtTCCkQe54zu

It is recommended to periodically revoke old and generate new access key pairs.