Listing S3 accounts via CLI

You can list all accounts of an S3 user with the ostor-s3-admin list-user-accounts command. Information for each account can take one or more sequential rows in the table. Additional rows are used to lists S3 access key pairs associated with the account. If the account does not have any active key pairs, they are not shown in the output. You need to specify either the user email (-e) or S3 ID (-i). For example:

# ostor-s3-admin list-user-accounts -V 0100000000000002 -e
NAME      USER_ID           EMAIL           S3AccessKeyId        S3SecretAccessKey
account1  b09693b73b3c7686  b09693b73b3c768613NV ***
account2  b09693b73b3c7686  b09693b73b3c7686LCZ5 ***
                                            b09693b73b3c76866NI2 ***
account3  b09693b73b3c7686