About the compute cluster

The compute cluster provides virtualization management for virtual machines and software-defined networks. In Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, virtual machines are based on open-source technology and can run both Windows and Linux guests. They are also highly available and can be migrated live with no downtime. Moreover, VM volume snapshots are application consistent.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides for the most efficient usage of the compute resources with Kubernetes as a Service, Load Balancer as a Service, Backup and Restore as a Service, and metering for account compute resources. To allocate space to virtual machines and select different redundancy modes, storage policies are applied to VM volumes. Storage policies can also limit bandwidth and IOPS in order to provide predictable performance levels for VM disks. Besides, to distribute the workload between nodes, the virtual machine placement can be based on the node characteristics.

In Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, administrators can create multiple domains, tenants, and users, and allocate resources according to tenant quotas. Moreover, they can use white-labeling to build their own public or private cloud storage solutions. At that, independent end users of compute resources are isolated and secure in their own self-service portals.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides secure and isolated virtual networking for virtual machines using VXLAN encapsulation. The distributed virtual switching and routing simplify VM network configuration, and the built-in firewall makes it more secure. The integrated DHCP, IP, and DNS management provides for enhanced configuration of the network.