Adding backup locations to Acronis Cyber Protect and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud


To create a new customer and assign the new backup destination in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

  1. Log in to the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud management console.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Locations. Ensure the system created a new backup destination with the corresponding name derived from the DNS name.
  3. Create a new customer account:
    1. Click New in the upper-right corner and select Customer.
    2. Provide the customer general information: name, mode and language. Then specify customer’s email, language, first and last names for an administrator account.
    3. Select services that you would like to provide to the new customer.
    4. Specify the customer’s devices and workloads, such as servers and workstations.
    5. In the section Location, click the current location name to display all the available options. Select the required storage.
    6. Click Done to complete the whole process.
  4. To confirm your account, check your email and follow the steps in the activation request.

To configure backups in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud or Acronis Cyber Protect

  1. Log in to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as the administrator.
  2. Open the Clients screen. Click the created customer, and then click Manage service on the Overview screen. The customer’s Cyber Backup Management Console will open.
  3. On the Devices screen, click Add on the toolbar. Select the device you want to add. The backup agent installer will be downloaded.
  4. In the backup agent installer:
    1. Click Install.
    2. On the Almost done… screen, click Register the machine.
    3. Enter the device registration info and confirm it.
    4. Ensure you are using the customer’s account you’ve created: check the user in the upper-right corner.

When the registration is complete, the added device will be displayed on the Devices > All devices screen of the customer’s Backup Management Console.