Adding nodes to backup storage

You can add more nodes that will serve as targets for backups from Acronis Cyber Protect and/or Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for high availability and scalability of your backup storage.


To add nodes to backup storage

Admin panel

  1. Go to the Storage services > Backup storage > Nodes screen.
  2. Click Add node.
  3. Select nodes to join the backup storage cluster and click Add.

The nodes will be added to your backup storage and will run Backup Gateway.

Each time you change the number of nodes in the backup storage cluster, adjust the DNS records accordingly.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra service backup node add --nodes <nodes>
--nodes <nodes>
A comma-separated list of node hostnames or IDs

For example, to add the node with the ID 2f3f6091-0d44-45aa-94e3-ebc2b65c0eeb to the backup cluster, run:

# vinfra service backup node add --nodes 2f3f6091-0d44-45aa-94e3-ebc2b65c0eeb

The added node will appear in the vinfra service backup node list output:

# vinfra service backup node list
| id                                   | host                   | is_online |
| 2f3f6091-0d44-45aa-94e3-ebc2b65c0eeb | node003.vstoragedomain | True      |
| 74cbd22b-fb1b-4441-ae52-532078c54f9a | node001.vstoragedomain | True      |
| eeb06dce-4cfd-4c89-bc7f-4689ea5c7058 | node002.vstoragedomain | True      |